Sculpture created by community to represent hope

Angel of Hope sculpture
Image caption,The sculpture was built across seven days involving some workshops with school children

A sculpture of an angel that stands at 8m (26ft) tall is expected to remain in situ at a church throughout 2024.

The Angel of Hope sculpture is in the Great Yarmouth Minister in Norfolk and formed part of the first Angel Festival at the church earlier this month.

Organisers said the event attracted more than 2,000 people.

The sculpture features 366 feathers to represent “days of hope and positivity” in 2024, which is a leap year.

angel of hope sculpture
Image caption,The angel features 366 feathers to represent each day in the 2024 leap year

Reverend Simon Ward said: “The artistic creations from different community groups has been awesome.”

The sculpture was a collaboration between artists, working alongside the Reprezent Project, which held workshops for children, and Walk and Talk East Anglia, a men’s mental health group.

Mark Harwood, chairman of the mental health group, said: “Doing projects like this helps breaking the ice and meeting new people, as well as going home with a sense of achievement and accomplishment, which is always good for the soul.”

Angel of Hope was made out of willow and papier-mâché, with help from children.

Willow sculpture
Image caption,Artists Adam Lawes and Emma Lucas built the willow sculpture, before the feathers were attached

Mr Ward added: “The Angel of Hope spells out an important message we all need to hear; in a world of uncertainty and fear there is always hope.

“Hope is the heart of the Christmas story.”

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