Dr Who: Brain tumour patient gets Dalek from bucket list

Noah with a Dalek
Image caption,About 100 people in the local community came out to see Noah get his Dalek

A 17-year-old who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, has been given his own Dalek.

Noah Herniman was told about the tumour in 2021, and has since gone through months of chemotherapy.

He wrote a bucket list of five things, which included getting his own Dalek, and meeting Doctor Who actor David Tennant.

Organiser Angela Jones said she was “really excited that she could make his dream come true”.

Noah, from Chepstow, Monmouthshire, was diagnosed in June 2021.

Throughout his treatment, he raised thousands of pounds to pay for “Noah’s Retreat”, a holiday lodge for young people in the same position as him.

Angela has got Noah a custom built Dalek.

Ms Jones, from Chepstow, said she hoped the gift really made “his heart happy”.

Dalek on the back of a trailer
Image caption,Noah thought the neighbours were watching Doctor Who when he was surprised with his very own Dalek

On receiving the Dalek, Noah said: “I genuinely am lost for words, but to quote Christopher Eccleston, it’s fantastic.”

His mum Shelly said: “His face was an absolute picture.

“Seeing Noah’s face like that was priceless, I have never seen his jaw drop and him be so quiet.”

Noah said: “I would like to thank everyone who has made this Dalek happen.”

Shelly added that she was totally overwhelmed by the support.

“I feel really humbled by the community, the support has been exceptional, and this just speaks volumes for what people think of him,” she added.

“It’s a fantastic feeling that we are able to do this for Noah.

“As a community we have come together to give this as a gift for him – he really deserves it.”

Noah with a Dalek
Image caption,Noah met showrunner Doctor Who showrunner Russell T davies earlier this year who told Noah ‘he must keep fighting’, and those words have resonated with him, his mum said

Ms Jones added that Noah was always thinking about others, and never asks for anything.

She said: “He raised so much for charity, and it just feels great that we can do something that means something to him.”

The 56-year-old has known Noah and his family for http://belahsamping.com/ seven years, and the diagnosis was “heart-breaking” for him and his family.

“Noah is the most unselfish boy, he’s always thinking about others and I’m just really happy we can do this for him,” she said.

“His number one was meeting David Tennant, I have tried but haven’t been successful in doing that, this was his number two, and glad we have managed to do this for him.”

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